Pure Transformation Now-Dan Gable Challenge Points

The Pure Transformation Now-Dan Gable Challenge (DGC) series is a points series conducted throughout our regular season, specifically at tournaments called "DGC Challenge" tournaments. Our regular season tournament format is still in tact with these tournaments, but if your coach enters your wrestler in the "Advanced" skill group at these specific tournaments, then your wrestler will accumulate points based on their finish in their bracket (automatically accrued and tracked). This year, both the League Championship Region tournaments and the King of the Mountain will also accrue points in the Advanced division only. The amount of points required to obtain "DGC Challenge" winner is based on performance in the "Advanced" bracket, but also participation at the DGC Challenge tournaments.  Wrestlers must attend “The Final Challenge” to win the DGC. 

DGC Challenge points are awarded for ages 5-14 years old only (4 & Under is Novice/Intermediate only). If you need to ask questions on the points, please ask your club coach, but if the points are incorrect you can contact Mark directly at mscott4567@hotmail.com.

Advanced Division DGC points -  30 total points for 2018-19 DGC Championship (barring any cancellation due to weather)

2018-19 DGC Challenge Weekends are Nov 10, Nov 17, Dec 1, Dec 8, Dec 15, Dec 22, Jan 12 and Jan 26 (must be present)

  • 1st place = 6pts
  • 2nd place = 5pts
  • 3rd place = 4pts
  • 4th place = 3pts
  • 5th/6th = 0 pts

2018 - 19 DGC Points

We will recognize all PTN Dan Gable Challenge winners at the State tournament in Castle Rock, and they will receive a Trophy a singlet, with an option to purchase a sublimated shirt and MMA shorts.  Wrestlers must attend “The Final Challenge” to win the DGC. 

Wrestlers that score a total of 22 points or more will be allowed to utilize that for separation criteria at the State tournament as well.

We have compiled a list of all wrestlers and their points thus far. Each week we will update the spreadsheet.