Coaches Corner

How to register wrestlers for events (skill division breakdown):

Coaches must be approved and setup as statisticians in order to enter into Peak2Peak Wrestling League (P2P) regular season events

  • If you are looking to try out a tournament and are not part of P2P, please contact or early in the week for the event that your group or wrestler would like to attend. USA limited Folkstyle membership at $15 annually is a requirement for athletes, and covers all P2P events.
  • If you are a part of the league and don’t have an email coming on the Monday prior to the Saturday event, contact and
  • If you need another Team-Parent, Coach, or Board Member set up as a statistician, please email Chris as well. Teams can definitely have more than one statistician.
  • If your club is part of P2P then your coach or assigned statistician will receive an email from Trackwrestling on Monday prior to the Saturday tournament. Simply click on the link to enter into the tournament.
  • Often you will receive two invites on Monday if there are two tournaments. Delete the one your team doesn’t plan to attend. Your team is responsible to pay for all entered wrestlers into a tournament. Make sure you register for the correct event.
  • If you deleted or lost the email sent on Monday. text or email Chris and you can have another notification sent, or if you have an old emailed invite, the password and user name is there and stays consistent. You can simply search the events by typing in P2P into the search field, and selecting statistician, and then enter in as a statistician that way.
  • What’s different in the registration for P2P events versus other events on Track Wrestling?
  • First, as we have an honor system with weights and skill division, only coaches/statisticians are allowed to enter wrestlers. This is done by pre-assigned statisticians for each club registered and invited on Mondays. As a league we are open to new clubs or individuals participating in our events or trying them out, but this requires contact with the Christina specifically.
  • Deadline is 10am Friday prior to the Saturday event
  • Clubs do not pay via trackwrestling when registering wrestlers – Options to pay below
  • You can pay on Saturday with a club check, with cash, or prepay
  • To prepay log onto P2P website, click on Coach’s tab, then Team registration to pay with credit card. This option will auto-calculate your total and put in a cart for easy checkout.
  • If clubs were required to prepay on trackwrestling when registering, all clubs would be required to have a credit card to do so, and why we offer three options.
  • Coaches determine the skill of the wrestler when entering them into the tournament

Novice Division is for First year wrestlers only.

There is a slight exception for second year wrestlers who are well below the average for skill. If this is the case, the second year wrestler should be losing during the event in the novice division.

Intermediate Division is for Second or Third year wrestlers.

Flexibility for above average first year wrestlers is always extended, and allowed move up to Intermediate/Advanced, and second or third year wrestlers above average can also move up to Advanced Division.

Advanced Division is for any wrestler up for the challenge, but all wrestlers within their 4th year or more must be in this division

Also all wrestlers competing in out of state regional/national competitions, PTN-Dan Gable Champions, past State placers are required to wrestle in the Advanced Division.

Can I move a wrestler around from skill division throughout the season? Yes, as long as it’s within the above stated criteria. There should never be a move for an Intermediate or Advanced wrestler to a lower division in order to “boost his/her confidence” as that would be done at the expense of other wrestlers.

Your club is responsible for paying for all wrestlers entered into an event, and left registered past the 10am Friday deadline.

  • Brackets are round-robin (regular season events – not including League Regionals/State), and no shows eliminate matches for the other wrestlers.  
  • Statisticians have the ability to enter back into a tournament and adjust or remove a wrestler all the way up to 10am on Friday.
  • Best practice by clubs should be to collect all entry fees on your Thursday practice for wrestlers attending a Saturday event in order for the club to not incur the cost of a no show from one of your wrestlers.
  • How do I know my kids are in the tournament once I’ve registered?
  • As there isn’t a payment requirement via track, there’s often a feeling that maybe the kids aren’t registered… there’s an easy double check. On the Left hand menu, click on Teams, find your team and click on it, and view your wrestlers.
  • As a best practice all teams should have a second set of eyes confirm registrations. Simply have that person log on to view the team prior to 10am on Friday, confirm all registrations look correct for weight, age, skill, and confirming all kids were registered.
  • It’s after 10am and I realized I have an incorrect entry or forgot a wrestler, what can I do? Mistakes happen, but the bracketing process takes a lot of time, and at a certain point cannot be restarted for an entire age group. I recommend texting 719-332-5158 and with a short message explaining the issue. You will be texted back within a few minutes if the error can be fixed, updated, or simply not an option. This is why a second set of eyes is highly recommended prior to the 10am deadline.
  • There’s an error on results or my wrestlers profile doesn’t match results
  • If it’s simply an error on who won, contact the league and we will fix the result
  • If there’s an error on trackwrestling profile or the information is not showing on a trackwrestling profile, then contact trackwrestling through their contact page. We are unable to correct individual profiles if an event is not attaching, the owner of the profile is able to adjust on that, but the league is not.

The above information covers our regular season events only.  USA Wrestling’s King of the Mt, P2P League Regionals, and State (Regular State, Girls State, and Rookie Championships), all have a registration option on that parents can and likely are required to register their wrestler’s for themselves.  There is also a required weigh in on the Friday prior to each event, and there is satellite weigh in locations on the event website that must be attended by all wrestlers who will participate.  These are not our regular season events, and to restate likely require the parent of the wrestler to register for the event instead of the coach entering your wrestler.  Please contact or if you have questions about any of these three events as well.